This is one of the last few posts in my SF series, and probably my favourite one. Although I visited the place almost a year ago, I remember it so well. I fell in love with Crissy Field and if I ever go back to San Francisco I just know I’ll end up here first. Rok and I walked here the same day we went to the Golden Gate bridge. The beach was really nice and I even took my shoes of at one point and walked in the water, which was freezing cold, but it was totally worth it. I can imagine walking my dog on the beach, if I ever lived here, just like many people did at the time. And the best thing about Crissy Field was that if it weren’t for the bridge (and the fog) you wouldn’t know you’re in San Francisco. This area is a lot more peaceful, which is probably why it’s so popular. I hope you enjoy the pics.

We walked all the way over to the Palace of Fine Arts, which is where my SD card got full (how very amateur of me), but here’s one photo of the beautiful place.

No, this is not a beauty blog. Although I do love makeup. The above are the contents of the Net a Porter Summer kit beauty box that I believe is now sold out everywhere. But I got it as a gift from my boyfriend and I just love it. I’m not writing a review here, but I thought the items are so nice they at least deserve a picture on this blog. I love boxes like this one. A few items came in full sizes and the other were samples, but still big enough to be tested properly.  It would cost me a fortune to buy everything separately, so this box was a lovely surprise.

In other news, things are the same here as they’ve been the past few weeks. Blog-wise I’ve been thinking of making some changes. I’ve been thinking about it for months actually, but kept pushing myself not to change things just yet, but I think I’ve reached my limit. I’ll write a separate post about my ideas and wishes, probably some time this week. In the mean time, I have some San Francisco photos left that I want to share here, so you’ll be seeing some of that in the following days.





July 10, 2014

Wool And The Gang Ariel Top / Étoile Isabel Marant Caty mini dress / Rag & Bone Franklin crepe top / Alexander Wang Boxy Logo tank

When it comes to clothes, I need everything in black first and then I get comfortable enough to look at other colours. I sometimes question my style and think I’m too boring, but I then quickly realize black isn’t boring, it’s timeless. I’ve been really loving embroidered/ mesh/ lacy tops lately, all black but so much more than “just black”. Or, I should say I’m loving them once again. I had this bodysuit with mesh sleeves in primary school that I’d sometimes wear under a shirt and I loved it. I wonder if I still have it hidden in my closet somewhere. Back then, I remember not being able to find anything similar in the stores. But on the other hand, I probably couldn’t afford anything anyway. The situation is obviously different today and see-through tops are all the rage, so I’m sharing I few finds.



Welcome to a new week! I hope you’re handling the heat better than me, if you live in a similar climate, if not I guess you’re lucky! :) This weekend was a lazy one (surprise, surprise, haha). We managed to workout on Saturday, but other than that we didn’t do much. I re-installed a cat game on the iPad and both Kim and Peggy have been loving it. It’s basically a game with a mouse running up and down the screen, sometimes disappearing, and the cat is supposed to “catch” it. They seem interested for a while, but then take it too seriously and try to look for the mouse under the bed covers, poor things. I tried filming them, but cats are funny creatures. The minute they see me doing that, they just stop with whatever they’re doing. In this case, Peggy was tapping on the iPad with both paws.  And then she stopped. Taking pics takes less time, and I can hide the camera for a while, so I usually get away with that. Filming a video is obviously different. But, you know, I wouldn’t feel too good either, if someone chased me around with a camera.

I decided to fight the heat with more heat (not very smart!) and made blueberry pie. I’ve had one recipe for years, based on a pie we served at this cafe I worked at years ago, and I decided to make a new version of it this weekend. It turned out pretty well, but it needs improvements, so I’m not sharing the recipe just yet, but I did snap a pic for you. It does look yummy, I must say!


Whatever you’re doing, wherever you are, I hope you have a great week.



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