Kim, the cutie pie, took a nap under the covers on Sunday (with Fergie babysitting her). She’s been doing this since she was a kitten, she goes under whatever is on the bed and sleeps there, whether we’re in the middle of a snow storm or a heat wave. The timing of her nap was perfect, because I was doing some baking on Sunday (recipe coming this week!) and not having the cats meow outside the kitchen door is always awesome. They’re not allowed to come in, when I cook. Unfortunately that is the time when they want to the most, and they try to blackmail me into letting them in by meowing. Sounds dramatic, but you cat owners probably know what I’m talking about. Luckily, this Sunday afternoon was a quiet one.

Another random thing that happened this weekend is that a valve under our bathroom sink started leaking. It’s nothing really major and it’s easily fixable, we just need to find a plumber that has the time to fix it. But it did put me in a bad mood. I’m feeling less angry today, I’ve just sort of accepted the fact that we have a leak and that is it. Although we are renting this place, it’s still all on us, because the owner is a busy man and just doesn’t have the time for it. I think I’d feel less cranky about it, if this were the first thing ever that needed fixing, but it’s not. Hopefully all of this is fixed by my next weekend post!


Have a great week, guys!

Monday Motivation #61

April 14, 2014

Muuto in green

April 11, 2014

I really like these product photos by Muuto. Everything is green and blooming outside, I like the idea of bringing some of that in.

Cats and daisies

April 9, 2014

I picked these when Rok and I were out for a walk on Sunday. I just love daisies. I remember being young and me and my friends would pick a whole bunch and make crowns from them, or tiny bouquets for our moms. The cats went crazy for them though, apart from Peggy. Kim pretty much snatched them out of my hands and did so a few times, while I tried to photograph her serious face. Then I was curious to see what Fergie would do, and she took a bite too, after sniffing them for a minute or so. They’re in a small glass in the kitchen now, safe and looking very pretty.

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